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Since its establishment in 1980, and abiding by our corporate motto of “prioritising people and respecting human values”, our company has been a pioneer in our sector, specializing in R&D and fulfilling the needs of customers with our high quality products and services.

Through integrating teams of highly motivated professional technical personnel and skilled workers instilled with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, along with state of the art machinery and automated line systems; we offer high quality products using the latest processes.

In executing our mission, we place great emphasis on the principles of:

Human values

Friendship and respect


Ethical values


Pacta sunt servanda,

on our journey of becoming a “Global Brand”.


To utilise our skilled workforce and bespoke resources to closely monitor global market developments. To give importance to R&D and innovative activities. To constantly raise the bar of excellence in our products and services, and with a balanced cost-benefit policy to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Through expanding our office network both at home and abroad and following market trends through local surveys, by building confidence with our clients and by sustaining growth in our exports, in increasing investments and employment; we will generate a significant contribution to the economic growth of our country and strengthen the image of the “Made in Turkey” brand.

To be identified as a reputable company and continue as a leader and pioneer in Turkey and develop as a global brand in our sector.